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Dr. Joyce Robertson

Dr. Robertson has been of significant help to Atlanta English Institute since 2000.  Her dedication to the school, teamwork, and our students has helped AEI succeed. Her faith and dedication maker her a vital member of our staff and our continued success as an organization.    

An organization rises or falls based on the strengths and weaknesses of its leadership. The reason she chose to connect with the leadership of the Atlanta English Institute in 2000 was because of an unerasable phrase that has been mentally implanted, “…to honor the Lord and help develop good citizens.” During her tenure with AEI and while engaged in other professional services, she has passionately aimed for excellence in the delivery of instructional or management service.

She feels humbled but honored to have played a significant role in moving AEI from non-accredited to accredited status while demonstrating excellence, teamwork, diligence, and integrity. In addition to choosing her as Academic Provost for a season, the leadership entrusted her to represent them at an official ceremony in Egypt where an AEI affiliate delivers English language services to multiple Egyptian publics.

In her current position of Business Development Director, her primary responsibilities are to maintain oversight of select programs and facilitate their growth and development.

With a TESOL certificate, Bachelor of Art summa cum laude, Master of Public Administration, and Doctor of Biblical Wisdom summa cum laude, she envisions international growth for AEI through characteristic integrity and diligence.

Finally, preserving the Robertson Enterprise, writing, and traveling are some of her unofficial delights.

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